“When the PALS program began at Nativity, I saw it as a way for the students to have stories read to them by someone other than their teachers. It has grown to so much more: PALS is about relationships. The students and the PALS tutor form a bond that is difficult to describe. Older students who had a PALS reader years before excitedly greet her when they see her walking to a class. And the smile is just as big on the PALS reader’s face, too. ”
Sr Stacy Reineman, Principal, Nativity School, El Monte.

“I joined CCS Pasadena this past year primarily for its opportunities to give back to our community. The greatest blessing was my role with PALS.” CS

School looms large in the life of a child. There, engagement with the wider world begins. It is a transformative time, especially for those students in the early grades. Oftentimes, it is in school where child’s lifetime promise is nurtured or stunted. The Christ Child Society of Pasadena PALS participants engage with children in grades TK3 through Third to give that added measure of loving attention either to small groups of students or individually. The younger set loves the read aloud sessions and become keen readers themselves. The older students discover that a skill which seems impenetrable and beyond their capabilities, isn’t
that catastrophic after all; self-doubt is transformed to confidence. PALS participants cherish their weekly hour spent with their students at St Andrew or at Nativity Catholic Schools. And the students do, too.

-A love of learning.
-One hour a week, though teachers do understand that life can intrude.
-VIRTUS training with fingerprinting at least scheduled.
-Reading aloud to children in TK3-K.
-Tutoring in grades 1-3. Subjects include reading and basic math.
-Flexibility should the teacher request help with a special project.
-Personal engagement with children and transformational blessing.
September: PALS Kick-off Meeting
Mid-Year: PALS “Esprit de Corps” gather
A few thoughts from PALS volunteers:

“I’ve been tutoring at St Andrew’s for maybe eight years and it is really comforting to know the teachers really appreciate the help I give them. I usually stay and hour, but I always wish it were longer!” JW

“Even though I work with a child for one year, I can watch her grow throughout her schooling. That close bond we developed remains. Developing a life-long love of learning within that child is a blessing.” VC

“There are so many opportunities for a PALS reader to help: reading, sorting blocks, playing games using one’s imagination, anything! Sometimes we can make a difference in a child’s life and not even realize it.” AB

For information on how you can become a PALS member or for more information please contact:
Sarah Towne-di Cicco