President, Laura Aguirre


Christ Child Society of Pasadena is a dynamic group of women that has been a discreet yet influential presence in the area for over 80 years. The Pasadena chapter is associated with the National Christ Child Society founded in 1887.  The history of the Christ Child Society is deeply rooted in the works of our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick.  She saw the Christ Child in every child she served, and our members continue her mission by the works we do in our chapter today.  We are an organization dedicated to service to children in need, for love of the Christ Child.    While doing so, our members enjoy our social, spiritual and fundraising events as well as personal hands on service programs.

The theme for this year “Set in Motion by Love” is inspired by a quote of Mary Virginia Merrick. She was known to say that “the Christ Child Society was set into motion by love, and love is a mighty impetus.”   That statement captures the essence of this chapter.  Time, talent and energy are all beautifully shared and all shared in love.  St. Luke tells us in Acts 20:35 that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Gifts of love for those less fortunate shared by the members are an inspiration; they offer encouragement to the children in need and give hope.  God uses what we each give and multiplies it to touch the lives of many children in our San Gabriel Valley area.

We invite you to look at our site and welcome you to contact us to learn more about the works of this special Christ Child Society of Pasadena chapter.


God Bless You,

Laura Aguirre, President, 2018-2020 Christ Child Pasadena

“Nothing is ever too much to do for a child.”      
Mary Virginia Merrick, Servant of God