The Christ Child Society of Pasadena was started at Mayfield Senior School in 1933 with fifteen members and today has grown to over 400 Members! The history of the Christ Child Society is deeply rooted in the works of our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick.  She saw the Christ Child in every child she served, and our members continue her mission by the works we do in our chapter today.  We are an organization dedicated to service to children in need, for love of the Christ Child.  Our motto is “Nothing is ever too much to do for a child” a quote from Mary Virginia Merrick.   While doing so, our members enjoy our social, spiritual, fun fundraising events, and lots of volunteer opportunities!.

Together we serve Eighteen Parish Schools with grants and gift cards for Christmas and Easter for needy families and children in the San Gabriel Valley, we assemble and distribute over 500 layette bags full of items for babies to distribute to local hospitals, charities, and pregnancy help centers, we tutor and read to children in preschool -3 rd grade, teach etiquette to children in 5-6 th grade, hold book and food drives and fill many needs of the less fortunate in our area. Our members enjoy making many new friends through being a member of Christ Child. We volunteer together, plan events together, serve together, pray together and have lots of fun together. It’s a wonderful blessing to be a member of the Christ Child Society!.

We would love to welcome you to be part of our Christ Child Society of Pasadena Family!.


Angel Throop, President, 2020-2021 Christ Child Pasadena



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