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General Board 2021

New Board 2018-2019 & Past Presidents

2018 May Mass & Luncheon

New Active Class 2018

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2018 St Patrick’s Luncheon







2018 Auction & Luncheon






2017 Christmas Luncheon




2017 Aces & Faces



2017 National Day of Service – Make a Difference – Read to Me

Linda Cantwell & Becky Sarni, Event Co-chairs

Jacqui Dolan

Peter Evans & Rory Burke

Anne Bishop & grandson Noah Mapp

Carolyn Norman enjoying book donations.

Ann Rey

Phyllis Smith & Michelle Moreth

Liz Jackson & Brenda Burke

Lydia Banales & Connie Aguirre

A smapling of the donations collected at Make a Difference Day

 2017 Fall Bunco

Sarah Scott and Cindy Salcido

Joan McLaughlin

Jen & Kathleen Hemming and Sarah Towne diCicco

Annette Brandin, Mary Lea Carroll, Jennifer Gowen, Phyllis Smith

Maria Katsafados, Anne Bishop, Greta Andre

Liz Anderson, Lorraine Reaume, Kacey Riley

Sarah Rogers, Lorraine Reaume

Dotty Greenawalt and guest Shirley Callahan

Pam Hillings and Angel Throop

Jackie Halpin and Rose Nielsen

Olga Castellanos, Jennifer Gowen, Liz Anderson

Michelle Moreth, Becky Sarni, Ann Sanders, Patty McKenna

Carol Pickle and Valerie McAndrews

Fall Mass Sept 13, 2017

Elizabeth Anderson and Charlotte Bannan

Tom & Greta Andre, Elaine Lieber, Claire Mitchell

Rich Marthe, Bettie & Jim Byer and Mary Marthe

Janet Cacho-Sousa and Ana Raptis

Marge Kountzman and Sara Law

Perry & Michelle Moreth, Patty & Ken McKenna

Sherman & Debi Lee and Barry & Ann Connell

Rosy & Danny Horwath and Jan Hemming

Susan Stewart and Olga Castellanos

Sherman & Debi Lee

Laura Aguirre, Father Paul Sustayta, Jess Aguirre

Becky & Jim Sarni and Jim LoCoco

Alfredo Caho-Sousa, George Raptis, event host, Cindy & Nishan Partamian

Make a Difference Day: Layettes of Love,

October 22, 2016

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Christmas, 2014