Christ Child is pleased to support TACSC (The Association of Catholic Student Councils), a great organization dedicated to developing leadership skills in middle school students.

The Association of Catholic Student Councils, TACSC, was formed at the request of the California Superintendent of Catholic Schools in 1982. TACSC’s founder, Marilyn Thickett, created an organization to guide student government and its formation in Catholic schools. After gaining popularity in Southern California, TACSC expanded its leadership programs to Northern California and the East Coast. For nearly 30 years, TACSC has delivered a wide variety of leadership development programs for Catholic elementary and junior high schools throughout California and across the United States. At last count, more than 15,000 students and hundreds of school administrators have participated in TACSC leadership activities. TACSC continues to provides education and training to help make leadership an integral part of young Catholics’ lives.

The goal of TACSC is to:

INSPIRE students to assume leadership roles in their schools, churches, and communities;

TEACH students life leadership skills that can be applied inside and outside the classroom;

GUIDE the growth and development of student councils and other organizations within schools;

SUPPORT moderators’ and administrators’ efforts to maximize their students’ leadership potential.


Our Christ Child Chapter makes an annual donation to The Association of Catholic Student Councils.

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