Christmas Stocking Fund


Each year the Christ Child Society of Pasadena invites its members to contribute money annually to the Christmas Stocking Fund. Members donate at different levels and the money raised is used to purchase $75 gift cards for each child in the families who need financial help in our parish schools.

These generous donations allow our Christ Child Society to enrich the lives of children in 18 parish schools and organizations.  The money typically goes to provide them with basic necessities.  One mother’s thank you note described how she purchased new bed sheets, socks, warm pajamas and a toy for each of her three children. She concluded, “God bless you all for loving and caring for me and my kids.”

xmasstockingEach year, our Parish School principals submit the names of families in need.  We purchase Target gift cards with the funds raised by our letter appeal.  In December 2018, we raised over $20,000 through the Christmas Stocking Fund and we were able to serve all requests made by the schools and organizations in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.   We continue to be humbled by the generosity of our members!