Christ Child Treasures

The Treasures Program might be called a Manners or Etiquette Class. It is that and more. The Treasures program offers member volunteer opportunities.

Christ Child members work with fifth and sixth graders through area Parochial schools in “at risk” neighborhoods. Our aim is to create a positive environment where, hopefully, the students will receive a boost to their self-esteem and self-confidence. It may be hard to believe, but by this age many children already know at least one person who belongs to a gang. That person may even be a sibling. By arming them with these Tools for Life, we hope they might feel stronger to resist going along with bad influences. We will emphasize the value of our Catholic Faith to enforce our objectives.

The Treasures program is a seven week course-two hours per class. A different subject will be covered each week, as well as a review of previous lessons.  Subjects to be addressed might include:

  • Making Introductions
  • Setting a Table
  • Dining Manners
  • Thank you Notes
  • Grooming and Hygiene
  • Basic Manners
  • Behaviors with Peers
  • Respect for oneself and others