2023-2024 Board Members

2023-2024 Board Members

President: Cheryl Newell


  • VP Membership: Valerie McAndrews
  • VP of Fundraising: Julieta Bennett
  • VP of Finance: Moya Collins
    • Assistant Treasurer: Angela Hawekotte
    • Events Treasurer: Patti Brugman
    • Dues Treasurer: Sara Law
  • VP Communications: Jennifer Gowen
    • Hospitality: Barb Mitchell
    • Mailings: Denise Clark
    • IT/Website: Olga Castellanos
    • Correspondent Newsletter: Maria Sarry
    • Public Relations and Social Media: Jennifer Hemming
    • Historian: Margaret Quigley
    • Corresponding Secretary: Need volunteer for monthly “Happenings” email
    • Connections: Martha Leos, Linda Van Dyke, Clarita Gustafson
  • Handbook: Annamaria Palffy
  • Talent Bank (members with skills who can contribute to the organization): Becky Sarni
  • Provisionals (new members before becoming active): Luisa Regifo, Linda VanDyke
  • Recording Secretary: Sarah Towne-di Cicco
  • Nominations: Elsa Behney


VP of Programs: Leah McCrary

  • Layettes
    • Chair: Jacky Samartin
    • Ordering: Debi Lee
    • Members: Brigid Blackledge, Suzanne Fulps
    • Committee January-June: Ginny Doyle
  • Auction
    • Chair Members: Laura Aguirre, Angel Throop, Eileen Benson
    • Committee Members: Mary Fitzgibbons, Leslie Ann Holliday, Kathryn Kenney, Cynthia Norman
  • Parish School Support: Julianne Coppersmith, Bridget Floyd
  • Ash Wednesday: Terry Mitchell, Maureen Dundee
  • Easter Shoes: Katie Bolton Litwin, Jane Laudeman
  • May Mass and Luncheon: Angie Miller, Emma Stewart
  • Spring Bunco: Mary Murray
  • PALS (Pairs and Learn Session – helping children in Pre-K-3rd): Need Chair
  • Aces and Faces: Nancy Twist, Christine Dietrich
  • Fall Bunco: Sharon McTigue
  • Fall Mass: Aline Cacho-Sousa, Eileen Cameron
  • Christmas Stockings: Margaret Quigley, Cece Miles
  • Christmas Open House: Laura Marcin, Kerry Plumer
  • Treasures Program (manners/etiquette instruction): Need Chair
  • National Day of Service: Past Presidents
  • Memorials and Remembrances: Sarah Towne-di Cicco