Volunteer Information


Christ Child Society members contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways to further the National Christ Child Society initiative of Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time. Most volunteer opportunities occur between September and June.



In the generous spirit inspired by our foundress, Mary Virginia Merrick, Christ Child Society of Pasadena volunteers:

  • Assemble layettes (a “layette” is a complete set of clothing and accessories for a newborn baby) and give them to hospitals, parishes, and other outlets which serve mothers who are without basic infant supplies and clothing
  • Knit, crochet, or sew infant hats, baby sweaters, booties, crib blankets, and receiving blankets for needy new mothers
  • Read to grade school children to ignite an interest in reading books
  • Organize book drives for local literacy programs
  • Raise money to distribute to our parish and parish school support program
  • Parish Reps, who are Christ Child Society members, work with parishes and schools to identify children within the parish and school community in need of special services
  • Raise money for gift cards to give to parents who otherwise would not be able to purchase Christmas gifts for their young children
  • Raise money to buy shoes for school aged children at Easter and throughout the year
  • Work with middle school girls to teach etiquette, social skills and self reflection to encourage personal growth, self esteem and self confidence to make healthy life style decisions.