Christ Child Society of Pasadena Board

CCS of Pasadena 2019-2020 Board
Executive Board
President Laura Aguirre
VP Fundraising/Event – President Elect Angel Throop
VP Programs Mary Vanis
VP Membership Mary Nally
VP Communications Cathy MacVaugh
VP Finance Mary Guzman
Recording Secretary Margaret Williams
Past President Ann Sanders
Board and Associates to the Board Positions
Assistant Treasurer Karen Gillmore
Layettes Olga Castellanos, Nancy Madden
Monica Walsh
Assistant Layettes Marge Kountzman
PALS Sarah Towne-diCicco
Service Projects Elsa Behney, Leah McCrary
Christ Child Treasures Maureen Dinius, Lorraine Reaume
Christmas Stocking Teri Mitchell and Colleen Dundee
Easter Shoes Emma Stewart
Aces and Faces Kathy LeRoy, Terry Clougherty
Ash Wednesday Angela Lowell
Auction Deborah Lee,
Bunco  Fall Sarah Scott and Cindy Salcido
Bunco Spring Terri Miller & Monika Bruegl
Christmas Open House Julieta Bennett, Rossana Cacho-Sousa
Connections Michele Coudures
Event Cashier Sara Law
Fall Mass Denise Clark, Jacqueline Halpin
National Make a Difference Day Past Presidents
Memorial Mass and Luncheon Jacky Samartin, Sue Fulps
Corresponding Secretary – Happenings Mary Lea Carroll
Handbook Athena Wood
Provisionals Cheryl Newell, Carolyn Giibs Seitz, Barbara Mitchell
Talent Bank Michelle Moreth
Hospitality Jane Hawley
Historian Ann Sanders
Facebook Social Media Jennifer Hemming
Web page NancyReardon
Newsletter Maria Sarry
Public Relations Mary Baxter
Mailing Greta Andre